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Bonjour beautiful mortals. I adore **ARASHI**
2ne1, Bigbang, and B1A4 do pop up!
ALSO: ANIME (Haikyuu!/Free!/SNK), MARVEL, books, SPN, Sherlock BBC, DW, Misfits, TW, Friends.
Warning: you shall be either amazed, terribly disturbed, or simply both.
He has gotten stronger at everything over the past 10 years, but his kindness never changed. He was very gentle back then, but he has only gotten kinder with the years. Jun is really kind, and not like the usual simple kindness from people. So, regarding anything I’d be worried about for Jun, there really isn’t any. He is perfect.
-  Ninomiya Kazunari (AnAn 07/29/2009)

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One of my favorite moments in 5x10 tour:

A thank you kiss from the sweet Nino to the considerate Jun ^^

Sho: LOL! these two… enjoy it, fangirls!

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